15 Best AI Affiliate Programs To Make Money in 2024

Best AI Affiliate Programs

The world of marketing is transforming due to the incorporation of modern technologies. When it comes to AI affiliate programs, you must be wondering what it is? Frankly speaking, it is a strategy to promote products or services with artificial intelligence or machine learning. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, being an AI affiliate can help you earn money easily.

In this blog, we will discuss the practical ways of using AI tools and affiliate programs to drive profits.

What is an AI tool for Affiliate Marketing?

AI affiliate programs simply refer to products or services that use AI tools. In return, for such promotions, the marketer earns a percentage of sales. Thus, it is one of the quickest ways to earn money using AI tools.

AI tools for affiliate marketing are getting popular because AI tools have evolved to suit the needs of modern businesses. Thus, any AI tool can be referred to and perform the same job that a human does in a fraction of the time. Thus, using the best AI affiliate programs makes it easy for you to garner greater profits from affiliate marketing.

Let us understand some of the affiliate programs using AI platforms in detail.

Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024

In the realm of modern businesses and their ever-changing needs, AI tools offer a powerful solution. Not only do they cater to business needs and metrics but also help to solve harsh challenges encountered during a business. Let us discuss some of the best AI affiliate programs out there for your profits in detail:

1. Jasper.AI


Jasper is one of the best AI writing tools which has a reputation for being one of the best. The platform is easy to use by various businesses for their content needs. Thus, here comes the role of affiliate marketers who might use the features for promotion and earn a commission. Moreover, when you join the Jasper AI affiliate program you can gather a 30% recurring commission.

The threshold for payout using Jasper.AI is $100! On the other hand, if you are a user, then Jasper.AI can provide you with affiliate links to get back 25% of the subscription price. Thus, monetize your bot today for optimum profit!

2. Leonardo.AI


Leonardo.AI affiliate program works similarly to other affiliate marketing works. The user has access to a referral link, which can be used for generating profits. A follower can subscribe to Leonardo.AI's paid services using referral links. The marketer can get a 25% commission on the first 6 payments made by a person using the affiliate link for the Leonardo.AI app.

However, you only get a commission if conversions from your referral link happen within 60 days. This is supported by a 60-day cookie policy ensuring that conversions do happen. Moreover, a person using the Leonardo.AI affiliate program link gets a 10% discount on their first transaction.

3. Copy.AI


Copy.AI is a content writing tool that uses AI LLM (Large Language Model) for copywriting and other content needs. With more than 25 languages available in its database, it can cater to any business or institution that you target. Moreover, it is a great AI tool for professionals who want to excel in the field of content creation.

The Copy.AI affiliate program is a partnership opportunity that helps affiliate marketers earn commissions. Using the Copy.AI, an affiliate marketer can gain a commission of up to 45% on all first-year subscription payments. One of the interesting features of the Copy.AI is that there is no minimum threshold for getting a payout.

4. Adcreative.AI


Adcreative.AI is a tool that can help to create advertisements and commercials that prioritise conversions. The tool is especially helpful for brands and businesses that are willing to access creative advertisements and commercial creations.

The Adcreative.AI affiliate program has a unique opportunity for social marketers. You can earn up to 30% of the conversions that take place. If you can bring 10 paid consumers to Adcreative.AI, then you are entitled to $100 over 30% profits threshold. One of the most attractive features of Adcreative.AI is that it does not restrict earnings. You just need to have a positive outlook and work.

5. Kaiber.AI


Kaiber.AI is a video maker tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert creative ideas into entertaining videos. The videos can be in the style of anime, concept art, or other impressionistic works. Using Kaiber.AI, a few of the Kaiber.AI users have the opportunity to earn a 10% commission for every subscription sale.

However, the Kaiber.AI affiliate program specifically mentions that a 10% commission is paid out when an affiliate link is used for a subscription within 30 days. There is a minimum payout threshold of $15 for any affiliate marketer.

6. Photo.AI


Photo.AI provides a single platform for making AI-based photos and videos without any camera. Using the platform for Photo.AI an affiliate marketer gets an opportunity to earn a 33% commission on every sale you make. For marketing, you will receive a referral link from the Photo.AI affiliate program to increase your user base, earning profits in the process!

7. Koala.AI


Koala.AI can generate blog posts, social media updates, and other content in a couple of minutes. Therefore, it provides you with a wider scope for getting customer and business professionals across several fields. Using the Koala.AI affiliate program, you get a custom link for referral towards other people.

Additionally, the Koala.AI affiliate program offers a 30% lifetime recurring commission on all sales. The minimum payout for the commission is $50, and the payment is made in the first week of the month.

8. Notion


Notion AI is used for producing text responses based on the questions from the users. Additionally, it helps to improve the existing content, generate a summary, or draft a text. Thus, it can be a great tool for usage in businesses, and for professional content development.

For getting profits using Notion AI you just need to have an affiliate link and learn the best practices from their site. You will earn rewards for each conversion for personal use, business, or AI plan upgrades.

9. Quillbot


The main purpose of Quillbot is to create great content due to its large number of tools. The Quillbot can paraphrase, summarise, or check grammar and plagiarism for a piece of content. Thus, Quillbot makes your writing painless!

Using these features in hand, it is easy for marketers to gather more from the Quillbot affiliate program. The affiliate program can help monthly commissions of 10% to annual commissions of 20%. There is a 30-day cookie window for monitoring conversions and a dashboard to monitor sales and earnings.

10. Writesonic


Writesonic is one of the content creation tools that assist in transforming content as per the requirements of the users. It can cater to a variety of content and this attracts businesses and professionals to use it.

The referral system at Writesonic is the same as other AI affiliates, where a user gets up to a 30% recurring commission on every referral. Moreover, the Writesonic affiliate program provides payments every month.

11. Murf


Murf.AI is an interesting tool that can create voiceovers for presentations, videos, and other content. More than 120 natural-sounding voices can be used in the content.

The Murf.AI affiliate program offers 20% off every referral that subscribes to Murf for their voice-overs. However, the customers subscribing to Murf from their affiliate link need to use the product for 24 months.



LANDR is an AI-powered music-mastering platform. This application is useful for enjoying free previews and ensuring that music is ready for streaming in the right format. LANDR also helps to adjust equalization and manage dynamics.

The LANDR affiliate program provides a scope for targeting music lovers and providing them with a host of utilities. The affiliate program ensures that you provide a 20% discount to LANDR users through your link and you get $15 per referral.

13. Otter


Otter.AI uses your voice conversations into smart notes that can be shared easily. Thus, Otter.AI offers a convenient way to use your voice for a variety of purposes. This can help attract professionals and even businesses to use Otter and simplify their work.

Using the Otter.AI affiliate program the scope of earning is as high as 15% to 60% of the order sale amount. One of the interesting offers that Otter has is a payment threshold of $10 only.

14. Synthesia


Synthesia is an interesting platform that provides the opportunity to replace PowerPoint PDFs with videos. The Synthesia.AI offers a great platform for you to transform content into videos. Such an interesting ability attracts multiple users for the convenience that it provides.

Using the Synthesia affiliate program, you can get up to 20% commission on all ‘Starter’ and ‘Creator’ plan payments. Additionally, you get a 60-day cookie that can help you to track your sales performance.

15. 10Web


10Web is an AI-powered platform that can create compelling websites for you. The websites are compatible with all devices, which makes them a popular choice for users. Thus, using the AI-powered website builder, businesses can expand their reach.

Hence, using the 10Web affiliate program, it becomes possible to target those groups which need AI-website designing solutions. With an affiliate link from 10Web, you have a scope of earning up to 50% of the revenue from each referral.


Wrapping up, there is a lot of scope to earn money using the AI affiliate programs available. Such a program is beneficial for the AI companies and the clients for bringing more profits. The affiliate links are easy to maintain and a cookie policy for most of the sites ensures that you get profits.

To start on a similar experience of earning money using AI tools, monetize your chatbot today!


1. What is an AI affiliate program?

AI tools affiliate program is a process where AI tools selling websites provide affiliate links. A marketer may use such links to gather more profits. Thus, AI tools affiliate programs help a marketer make money by suggesting AI tools to businesses and other value-seekers.

2. How much can I earn from AI affiliate programs?

AI tools for affiliate marketing can help a user gain $10 to $30 per conversions that happen through their affiliate links. Thus, you have an earning potential of $10 to $30 per customer you tie to a particular AI service.

3. Does ChatGPT have an affiliate program?

No, ChatGPT does not have an AI affiliate program or a personal relationship program.

4. How can I start my journey in the AI affiliate program?

To start your journey with an AI affiliate program, simply register. After that, you need to post the link in various domains or explain the tool's benefits to other people. If there is a scope, you may have to join their training session. Just post the links and get started on your affiliate marketing journey.

Author - Aditya is the founder of Monetizebot.ai He has over 10 years of experience and possesses excellent skills in the analytics space. Aditya has led the Data Program at Tesla and has worked alongside world-class marketing, sales, operations and product leaders.