27 Best AI Tools To Make Money in 2024

Best AI Tools To Make Money

Today, technology is rapidly advancing, and artificial intelligence has become a game changer. AI and AI tools have revolutionized various aspects of our lives. AI tools offer innovative solutions for individuals and businesses, from streamlining processes to enhancing productivity, decision-making, and ultimately making money.

AI tools have come out of the way, from content creation and artwork to coding.

Let's explore some of the best AI tools to help you capitalize on this trend, make money and maximise your earnings.

Can I Make Money with AI Tools?

Absolutely! With the rise in demand for AI, making money with AI and AI tools has become possible, and many businesses and freelancers are captializing it.

AI tools have become an indispensable asset for businesses and freelancers. AI has opened many opportunities to generate income, such as coding, creating various types of content, creating and selling artworks and more.

Let's discuss AI tools and other dimensions that can help you make money.

Best AI Tools To Make Money in 2024

We have listed the 27 best AI tools catering to different needs, such as content creation, coding, trading, building chatbots, and image and video creation:

1. For Content Creation

1.1. Jasper.AI


Jasper.AI is one of the popular AI tools for making money in the modern era of content generation. Using Jasper.AI, you can make money by starting to create written pieces of content. You can also create advertisements for local businesses and earn money easily using Jasper.AI.

  • Category of Tool: AI Writing Assistant
  • Type of content generated: Articles, blogs, social media management posts, YouTube Scripts, and advertisement copies.

1.2. Writesonic


Writesonic is a platform for creating content that ranks in Google using AI power. One of the popular uses of Writesonic is to create content that is already SEO-optimized. If you want AI tools to make money for you, use Writesonic today!

  • Category of Tool: AI Writing Assistant with SEO optimization
  • Type of Content generated: SEO-optimized content, including blogs, articles, and social media updates.

1.3. ChatGPT4


ChatGPT4 is a chatbot that can help you with various content generation and more. Using ChatGPT4’s advanced language proficiency, writing content that can help write blogs or other articles becomes easy. Additionally, it is easy for you to learn several concepts using the ChatGPT4.

  • Category of Tool: AI writing assistant
  • Type of Content Generated: Blogs, write-ups, articles, and other text content needs for businesses, professionals, or freelancers.

2. For Image Editing and Creation

2.1 DreamStudio


If you are a designer or have an artist background, then DreamStudio is just for you! Use the simple user interface and earn money easily by using the prompts to generate high-quality pictures. This is one of the best AI tools to make money by generating exquisite pieces of art.

  • Category of Tool: Image Generation using Stable Diffusion Image generation model.
  • Type of Content Generated: Images and pictures with just a text prompt.

2.2 Midjourney


Midjourney is a closed-source AI-based image generator. One of the reasons it is among the best AI tools to make money is its realism. Although it is not free, it can create images from your text prompt at only $10 per month. You can sell these artworks online or create brand-specific images for sale and earn money online.

  • Category of Tool: Hyper-realistic image generation tool from text prompts.
  • Type of Content Generated: Images and Pictures.

2.3 DALL-E-3


You don't have to be a proficient engineer to use DALL-E-3; just tap into your creativity! DALL-E-3 is able to generate pictures that exactly match with your prompts. Just assess the specifications for a project and enter what you want in DALL-E-3. The image will be ready within a couple of seconds. Use the DALL-E-3 free AI tool to make money online by selling your AI-generated art today!

  • Category of Tool: AI-based image generation using ChatGPT refined prompts.
  • Type of Content Generated: Detailed Images and Pictures representing a prompt input.

3. For Coding

3.1 Open AI Codex


Codex is an initiative from OpenAI that powers GitHub Copilot. It can create codes for you easily, from simple natural language commands. Therefore, it is one of the best AI tools to make money by simply devising a code. You simply need to log in and use Open AI Codex to write codes and execute them.

  • Category of Tool: AI-based code generator
  • Type of Content Generated: Programming Codes for Users.

3.2 Copilot


GitHub Copilot is one of the popular AI tools to make money online using Python or other coding languages. Just use the GitHub Copilot extension and create codes that can help in achieving specific projects. You can have a great earning potential using Copilot. Copilot also supports a few native languages for you to create codes for projects.

  • Category of Tool: AI-based code generator.
  • Type of Content Generated: Programming assistance for users.

3.3 Alphacode


AlphaCode is an advanced AI-based code generation platform that helps you create high-quality codes. Just find a project, pitch your price and use this AI tool to make passive money using simple codes.

  • Category of Tool: AI-based assistance in coding
  • Type of Content Generated: Programs and Codes for users.

4. For Video Creation

4.1 Wondershare Filmora


If you are a video creator interested in making money using AI tools, Wondershare Filmora is the key! You can use this AI-based platform to edit videos, add copyright-free music, and create fine video edits. Therefore, just use Wondershare Filmora to create projects that let you earn money from sharing high-quality videos.

  • Category of Tool: Video Editing Platform
  • Type of Content Generated: Video Projects

4.2 Descript


With over 91% of businesses using video for marketing, it becomes essential for you to monetize video creation. You can use Descript to make videos that align with your brand or projects and start monetizing your video. You can also upload videos on various social media platforms and use Descript to make passive money online!

  • Category of Tool: Video Editing for Marketing
  • Type of Content Generated: Video Projects

4.3 Runway


The Runway is a simple AI-enabled video-creating software that can help you create short and long-form videos. The requirement is simple; you only need to enter a prompt, and the AI-powered platform creates a catchy video for you. You can sell these videos to creators and other businesses for integration into their digital marketing efforts.

  • Category of Tool: Video Creation Software
  • Type of Content Generated: Video Projects

5. For Creating PPT

5.1 Beautiful.AI


There are several platforms that want PPT’s for meetings or academic purposes. With Beautiful.AI you have the power to earn money by sharing professional PowerPoint presentations. All you need is to understand the project requirements and create a PPT custom made to suit their requirements. Use this free AI tool to make money online by selling these PowerPoint presentations!

  • Category of Tool: PowerPoint and Infographics development
  • Type of Content Generated: PowerPoint Slides

5.2 Slidebean


Slidebean is a presentation software that helps businesses, IT, marketing, and other sectors to create presentations from a single platform. You need to list down the client's requirements and generate a PowerPoint project. Become a pro in creating PPTs and infographics and use your skills to earn money online.

  • Category of Tool: Presentation and other document templates
  • Type of Content Generated: Financial Infographics and access to other PPT templates

5.3 Presentations.AI


Using Presentations.AI you can easily create a presentation that reflects professionalism and sell them. However, you need to make sure that you follow all the PPT requirements and create a prompt that creates what your client needs.

  • Category of Tool: PPT and templates generator
  • Type of Content Generated: Infographics and content for a presentation

6. For Creating Chatbots

6.1 Tidio


Tidio is a chatbot that can help you in answering questions that a visitor posts on the website. You just need to add the ‘Tidio Widget’ and start answering all the questions that a visitor posts effortlessly.

Thus, it helps a business to significantly save money and reduce overheads efficiently.

  • Category of Tool: Chatbot for answering questions
  • Type of Content Generated: Responses for a user visiting a website

6.2 Botsonic


Botsonic is developed by Writesonic which is a chatbot that helps to answer questions. You can use botsonic in place of customer assistance and shopping assistance. This helps to cut overheads and create ample scope for you to save more money in a business or a personal website. Thus, indirectly using an AI tool can be beneficial to cut overhead expenses and you can save money.

  • Category of Tool: Chatbot
  • Type of Content Generated: Answers to questions from an user

6.3 Chatbase


Chatbase is an AI powered chatbot developed for websites by ChatGPT. It provides a replacement for human virtual assistance. All you need to do is use the extension of this tool in your website and start automating the process of answering questions. Using this, you can make AI tools to make money indirectly for you.

  • Category of Tools: Chatbot
  • Type of Content Generated: Answering questions from website visitors

7. For Editing Music and Creating Audio

7.1 Adobe Audition


Adobe Audition is a workstation that can help you develop and publish music projects. While you publish music and earn money, the AI powered solutions make sure that you can access mixing, editing, and restoring content seamlessly.

  • Category of Tool: Audio enhancement workstation
  • Type of Content Generated: Audio-Video files

7.2 Mubert


Integrating AI with popular music creators is the new way to empower them. You can use this platform to use royalty-free music and create audios that make a lasting impression. Using the power of AI tools opens up a new avenue for musicians to earn money online. Sell your music and spread your creativity, earning in the process.

  • Category of Tool: Audio enrichment for professionals
  • Type of Content Generated: Audio or music files

7.3 Descript


Descript offers a single platform for conveniently writing, recording, editing, transcribing, sharing videos and collaborating. Not only it helps in audio, but it conveniently offers a solution to repurpose clips. Hence, it is a one-stop solution for recording audio and videos to sell to businesses or publish online and earn money. It is one of the most powerful AI tools to make passive money!

  • Category of Tool: Audio-video editing tool
  • Type of Content Generated: Audio-video files

8. For Creating Web Designs



DIVI AI analyses the content of an existing website to make content specifically focused to the brand or business. Whatever company or organization you run, or if you are a freelancer, DIVI AI will be able to create content, tailored to suit your website. Using easy prompts and AI powered solutions, you can easily revamp your old site! It helps to enrich any business and by using this tool you can potentially save money as a business and being a freelancer, offer a web development service and make money with this AI tool.

  • Category of Tool: Web Content Development
  • Type of Content Generated: Text or Images specific to the users website

8.2 Framer


Framer is a single platform for managing and building a website easily. If you are a freelancer, searching for an AI tool to make money, then Framer is the place. It offers CMS, SEO, and HD animations for your website. Just strategically give prompts and create a website within minutes!

  • Category of Tool: Website Development and CMS integration
  • Type of Content Generated: Live Website and its utilities

8.3 Uizard


Worried about website User Interface (UI) development? Do not worry when you have Uizard in the field. With Uizard, UI development is a gentle breeze to handle; you do not need any coding knowledge. Just create a UI that attacks and helps you to bring more revenue or generate leads easily.

  • Category of Tool: UI development and Analysis tool
  • Type of Content Generated: Website

9. For testing and Optimisation

9.1 Optimizely


Monitoring digital presence is made simple using Optimizely! Using this AI-powered solution, it becomes easy for you to combine solutions for content and commerce. You can simply use this AI-powered tool to manage your website content and support day-to-day marketing content. You can also use this AI tool if you are a consultant or a freelancer, offer your service to organizations in need, and also make some good passive income.

  • Category of Tool: Marketing and CMS with other utilities
  • Type of Content Generated: Web Optimization and Digital Marketing utilities

9.2 HotJar


With HotJar, you are able to easily understand the heatmap of your client's website and understand the areas where users focus on the website. Now, you must be wondering what a heatmap is? Heatmaps are an important component for evaluating a website's performance and checking its UI performance. If you are a marketing consultant or freelancer, HotJar is a great AI tool to make money by understanding the pattern of websites by the users and getting conversion funnel reports.

  • Category of Tool: Heatmaps for a website
  • Type of Content Generated: Understanding website UI and sales funnel conversions

9.3 Bubble


If you are unable to implement full-stack coding yet want a great website for conversions, Bubble is the key! Create powerful websites which help you get more conversions and increase your visibility over the web. Hence, start using full-stack functionality for your website today!

  • Category of Tool: Website Development Tool
  • Type of Content Generated: Web Development


In today's digital age, AI tools offer endless opportunities to make money by optimizing processes, automating tasks, analyzing data and personalizing experiences. Whether you are an artist, developer, marketer, or entrepreneur, AI tools have unlocked new revenue streams, growth and the way to financial success.


1. Which is the Best AI tool?

Honestly, it's quite challenging to pinpoint the single best AI tool among the many available today. It totally depends upon your requirements. ChatGPT 4, Koala.ai, and Jasper.ai are good for content writing. Similarly, Midjourney and DALL-E-3 are good for creating visuals. Copilot, Alphacode and Open AI codex are best for coding.

2. Which are the best free AI tools?

These are some of the best free AI tools:

  • ChatGPT 3.5
  • DALL-E-3
  • Notion.ai
  • Copy.ai

3. How do you use ChatGPT to earn money?

As AI technology advances, making money with ChatGPT has become a popular choice for freelancers and businesses. You can use ChatGPT to create content, develop apps and websites, design logos and illustrations, and then sell them to businesses or companies in need.

4. Can I also make money with AI chatbots?

As a chatbot developer, you can create chatbots specific to a niche/product based on the target audience on platforms such as Open AI and Poe. Using the Monetizebot platform, you can place ads on your chatbot, target the relevant audience and monetize your chatbot. You get paid for each click once the user clicks on the ad.

You can also offer businesses an end-to-end custom chatbot development and customization service per their requirements.

5. How do I choose the right AI tools for my business?

When choosing AI tools for your business, consider your specific needs, budget, and technical requirements. Read reviews, try out free trials of AI tools and research different options to determine which tools align best with your goals and objectives.

Author - Aditya is the founder of Monetizebot.ai He has over 10 years of experience and possesses excellent skills in the analytics space. Aditya has led the Data Program at Tesla and has worked alongside world-class marketing, sales, operations and product leaders.