How To Make Money with AI Artwork in 2024? - (7 Ways)

How To Make Money with AI Art

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, and the art world is no exception. With advancements in AI and machine learning algorithms, artists now have powerful tools at their disposal to create captivating and unique artwork, thus providing lucrative opportunities for monetization.

How To Make Money With AI-Generated Art?

Can you make money with AI-generated art?

The answer to this question is YES!

In the past 12 months, the search trend on the keyword “make money with AI art” has seen a good rise. Now, making money with AI art basically relies on two important pieces:

  1. First is creating a high-quality image
  2. Secondly, how to use AI art to make money

In this blog, we'll explore in-depth avenues through which artists can leverage AI to make money with their artwork.

Here are the 7 best ways to make money with AI-generated art:

  1. Create print-on-demand poster
  2. Sell your artwork as stock photos
  3. Create KDP colouring books
  4. Create NFTs
  5. Prompts for creating AI artwork
  6. Collaborate with businesses for marketing
  7. Start a course and teach AI artwork

1. Create Print on Demand Poster


To create a steady income from AI artwork, you can create digital art and sell it online or in person. To create a print-on-demand poster, you can utilize poster-generating platforms such as Fotor, Canva, Design.AI, and Jasper.AI. Afterwards, you can sell your posters on platforms like Etsy and Gumroad. You could also set up your own website using Shopify or social media accounts and sell it rather than using any marketplace.

2. Sell Your Artwork as Stock Photos


You might find it convenient to create artwork using AI and sell it as stock photos, as it does not involve any paint or brush actions. Several AI tools are available online for creating AI-powered images using prompts. Some of the popular AI tools are:

  • Bing Image Creator
  • Canva
  • Adobe Firefly

You can use some platforms such as Etsy, Redbubble and Fiverr to sell your artwork. These platforms offer a profile for the artists to use and display their stock photos to clients. You can assemble a batch of 25-30 AI-created stock images relevant to your target audience and sell them for a fixed price.

3. Create KDP Books


One of the interesting ways to make money with your AI art is to create KDP colouring books. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP is a platform that helps you to sell digital or physical books on Amazon. With the KDP colouring books, you can create a fun and engaging activity for customers of all ages using AI-generated art.

You can use software tools like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate to turn your AI-generated artwork into colouring book pages.

Colouring books can also be sold to customers in print or digital format. Once you are ready with your book, upload it on KDP and set your price. You can also contact the Amazon publishing team to list it online if required.

4. Create NFT


NFTs or non-fungible tokens are digital assets that you can sell, buy or trade. Each NFT is unique, making them valuable. As an AI artist, you can create NFTs of your artwork and sell them online using blockchain.

NFT-worthy art spans a range of mediums like digital drawings, paintings, music, film, and poetry. Crafting an NFT artwork involves using tools, including AI, to create it, and then selling it online. Some of the best AI tools to create digital NFT are:

  • NightCafe
  • DALL-E
  • Midjourney

While using these platforms, you need to input a prompt, and the preferred AI tools can create the NFT. You can sell your NFT art on platforms like Known Origin, NiftyGateway, Foundation, and Manifold and make money using your artwork.

The USP of NFT art is that each piece of art you make is unique and can be sold to clients as per their choices. Many top AI-NFTs are sold for millions of dollars on blockchain platforms.

5. Prompts for Selling AI art

Stop thinking and start to make money with AI art by understanding the prompts. Prompts are commands that you can use to provide a set of instructions to the AI tool. The AI tools understand the user's prompts and create artwork based on them.

Artists may use some common set of instructions or prompts to make AI generate an art that matches their expectations. Some common phrases that you can include in your prompt commands are:

  • Hyper-realistic, Ultra-realistic, or photo-realistic.
  • Graffiti Style
  • 3D render
  • Abstract Art
  • Pop Art Style
  • Impressionism
  • Japanese Anime

Using the above phrases as mentioned, it becomes easy for you to make AI art and start selling it online. Additionally, when you have researched all other prompts, may you sell a course where you teach artists how to make money with AI-generated art? It can be a good source of income, provided you offer some value to your students.

6. Collaborate with Businesses for Marketing

With an increase in the number of businesses, it is important to display your brand in front of your customers. While there are many avenues of operation, a business deals with the marketing copy that can be created using AI. Generate AI-based marketing artworks using specific prompts and achieve marketing needs for the brand.

Additionally, you can make money with AI art by selling the marketing images to a business and gathering monetary resources. Some of the tools that you can use to create marketing images for a brand using AI are:

  • Lexica Art for blog thumbnails
  • Albert.AI for digital advertisements
  • Jasper.AI for image creation

You can simply use these tools and make images or art that help a brand or a business increase its reach. Such a marketing image is also capable of driving the interests of customers over a product and attracting them.

7. Start Your Own Course and Teach AI Artwork

If you're skilled at creating art with AI, why not share your expertise by offering a course? You can help those who want to explore AI art or improve their skills. All you need is to jot down the whole process, including how to use the prompts and tools to create the art, how to sell them, and where to sell them.

You can make an ebook, PDF or document with examples and pictures of prompts for easy understanding and sell it online using social media platforms. You can also sell online on some ed-tech platforms, such as Udemy and Skillshare, as well as on your blog pages.


In 2024, making money as an AI artist is not only possible, but can be highly lucrative. The fusion of art and AI opens up endless possibilities for artists to turn their creativity into profit. By tapping into advanced AI methods and exploring various ways to monetize their work, artists can earn money and connect with their audience in fresh and captivating ways.

As AI art evolves, embracing experimentation, collaboration, and a business mindset will be crucial for thriving in this expanding domain and increasing earning opportunities with AI.


1. What are the other ways to make money through AI?

With AI, you can make money if you have the right skills and knowledge. Content writing, developing applications, building chatbots and using AI in marketing and sales are some of the other ways to make money through AI.

2. Where can I sell my AI art?

There are several online platforms available for you to sell your AI artwork. Some of the popular AI art-selling platforms are Etsy, Wirestock, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. Make sure to research the rates of such artworks before delivering them.

3. What are some of the best AI tools to create art?

Here are the top 5 best AI tools that you can use to create art:

  1. Etsy
  2. Artsi
  3. Adobe Firefly
  4. Society 6
  5. Saatchi Art

4. How do artists protect their AI-generated artwork from plagiarism or unauthorized use?

An AI-artist can protect their AI-generated artwork through copyright registration, watermarking, and licensing agreements, ensuring proper attribution and compensation for their creations.

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